All About Beauty

Women are Beautiful.

Flowers are Beautiful.

Nature is Beautiful

Art is Beautiful

Those may be vague statements to you. They may not be. Either way, I think it is important for humans to seek what is beautiful. Even for straight men who are all about roughin’ it in the woods.  The world is not that dull of a place. No matter where you live, you will see beauty. Anyone can look at something or sense something that has the potential of being beautiful, but it is the heart that could help us see if something or someone is beautiful.

When God created the heavens and the earth, he made everything so beautiful.Everything was perfect, until the fall happened. I will not get into that, but I will say that even in its imperfect state, there are beautiful things around us. The intricate details of the iris in our eyes, the thousands of species of the sea, the way buildings stand erect amidst natural disasters, and even in the moments of grace that one human shares with another human-those are beautiful things and they happen all the time.

It can be hard to see beautiful things for different reasons. One may be that you grew up in an environment where all you knew was pain and disappointment. All you saw was people backbiting each other and being two-faced. Maybe you have had something that’s unforgivable be done to you. Maybe you grew up in the slums and only saw certain people get to live a life that you could only dream of. To you, that’s unfair. To you, it’s not beautiful.

This is where we need to ask ourselves the following question:

What do you allow to be in your heart? What do you feed it? What makes it beat?

It may be a good book that sparks your imagination

-It could be a song that lifts your soul

-It can be a nice cup of ginger tea(I love ginger!)

-Or how about a a trip to your favorite place in the world or to somewhere that you have never experienced?

Whatever it is, let it sink into your heart and let yourself craft something within that’ll allow you to see the beauty that is in the world.

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I am a 32 year-old central floridian. I work at a 4-Diamond hotel in Florida. I live with a roommate who is so different than me, it's insane, but we make it work. Also, I am a 6'3" tall, 240 lb black, straight man who wants to blog about self-care!

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