Oppressive Anxiety


Oppression comes in many forms. That is an obvious observation, but we face different kinds of things that try to be cruel or unjust to us.


If you have lived on this earth for at least 10 years, I can guarantee that you have been oppressed.  It may be in a small way. When we experience that kind of trauma, anxiety can be built in within us. Question is, how  do you deal with that anxiety?



                                                       Some Ways To Deal With It

Every person’s trial is uniquely crafted for them. So whatever solutions there may be, they might need to be tweaked a little to resolve the issue at hand.With that said, here’s the list:


1. Tell yourself the truth, don’t believe the lies

Anxiety is typically built upon lies, and if not lies then false realities. Basically, it is built on something that has not even happen! Worry is a close brother of anxiety and when we are anxious, we worry that things will go the wrong way!

I once went to a friend of mine who is a medical doctor. I told him about all these issues that I thought that I was having after a night of feeling super anxious about these issues. He examined me some just by looking at me and asked me some questions. None of the answers gave him a cause for concern. In my head, I  practically thought he was an idiot, but lo and behold, he ended up being right! However, the point is that he looked me in the eye and told me that I am healthy and that I have nothing to worry about. He did see the perplexed face on me and said that reassurance is the best medicine. Then he  encouraged me to speak the truth about my situation to myself whenever I felt anxiety.

When anxiety was coming, I would sit up on my bed and speak the truth out loud to myself:

” I am healthy”

“God is watching over me”

“I have nothing to fear”

Hearing yourself say those words gives power over anxiety. The power of life and death is in the tongue, so learn to use that power to your advantage when you face anxiety.

2. Talk about your issues with trusted friends

Your friends are your friends for a good reason…hopefully.

I mean let’s be honest, some of us are friends with people that we should not be friends with, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post!

Your trusted friends should be the type that you can tell anything to. When you are feeling anxious about a situation, talk to them. There are a number of benefits that come with that:

-They may tell you that you are crazy. If you are, they can help you NOT be                        crazy!On the flipside, they can assure you that you are not crazy and affirm your                feelings. That would give you some sort of comfort. After that comfort is established,          you and your friends can walk through the situation together.

-There is strength in numbers so having friends beside you though life means that           you have an arsenal of trust, love and camaraderie that’s vital for every human being.

3. Choose to learn what love your neighbor means

Everything will go wrong when we are fueled by vengeful anger. Everything will go           right if we are fueled by love.

As I said before, our trials are uniquely crafted for us. Some of us have been through        horrible abuses that have left deep scars in our psyches that won’t ever heal                        completely. I wish that I can write that I know what that is like, but I cannot.

To learn to love your oppressor may take a longer time than most, but I will write that hating your oppressor or anyone who looks like or acts like your oppressor, is not the way to go. Vengeful anger aches away at your heart and can cause serious problems. Research does prove that harnessing negative emotions  have negative effects on the heart. Also, holding anger in your heart is like murdering someone. That is what Christ said. God is love and that anger takes up a place where you can experience love for yourself and for that person.

In the areas of life where you learn to love, fear and vengeful anger will not have a place to rule you. It’s impossible.


                                                                 You’re Not A Mat!

I have mentioned vengeful anger because there is a right kind of anger to have when someone is oppressed. That’s an anger that loves justice. Everyone has the right to fight for justice and fend for themselves. When someone attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself physically and verbally. In no way should you be a welcome mat for anyone to step on!


Am I right about any of this? If I am wrong, I will love to see your thoughts. Feel free to talk about any traumatic experiences you needed to overcome and is there any kind of oppression that you experience today.




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I am a 32 year-old central floridian. I work at a 4-Diamond hotel in Florida. I live with a roommate who is so different than me, it's insane, but we make it work. Also, I am a 6'3" tall, 240 lb black, straight man who wants to blog about self-care!

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