Silence Your “What Ifs”!!






In my mind, the only “bad” fail someone can commit is failing to try.

A lot of us want to do things, want to learn things, want to be a particular person. All that is good, but not good enough. You’re wasting that gift of air in your lungs if all you say is you WANT to but never TRY to.

I mean, who knows? WHAT IF you try to pursue that business you’ve drempt about?Maybe you’ll be a successful entrepreneur! WHAT IF you try out for the Olympic soccer team and you make the squad? Or you don’t make it but you get scouted for a national team instead and get professionally paid? Or WHAT IF you try writing a book?-You don’t know all the key points and themes but you start brainstorming with just ONE point. After that, a STREAM of points, thoughts and creativity start flooding your soul! What if, what if, WHAT IF?!!

Today, I’m going to try to be a successful entrepreneur and a great hotelier. It’s not that I am doubtless, but it’s that I choose to see the great possibilities ahead of me and run with them. I’m already silencing the “what ifs” in my head. I wasted too much energy and time on them.

What about you? Are there any “what ifs” that you can silence today?

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I am a 32 year-old central floridian. I work at a 4-Diamond hotel in Florida. I live with a roommate who is so different than me, it's insane, but we make it work. Also, I am a 6'3" tall, 240 lb black, straight man who wants to blog about self-care!

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