No tea, but a whole lotta conversation is at hand…

I love deep, thorough conversations. There’s something about having them that allows you to connect with another human being on a personal level. I mean, am I right?

I like to think that blogging is an attempt to have a deep conversation with the world.  It can still be personal too. I guess it depends on how well I relate myself to you, and how well you respond. That is what I want to. I want to relate to you so that you and I can have a conversation through the internet, between my fingers and yours-typing on our devices to communicate with each other. We may not be sharing tea together at a local tea shop,  having brunch at a local First Watch, or sitting at the bar having a beer together, but here is my invitation for you to connect with me, Daniel Bell.

Are you ready?? Good.

Let’s go on a journey together.